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We have come a very long way and it has been magnificent all along. We thank you for your continued support in making us one of the largest of Furniture distributor in Mauritius and Africa.

Laska Furniture Industries has been founded originally in 2013. But our history goes back much longer than that.

Laska Office Furniture Mauritius - Wide Variety of Choices

We started out with another name that you have come to get accustomed to: TA Office Furniture LTD. In our unique showroom located in Coromandel, we have grown over the past 10 years in doing what we do best, which is to supply reliable, great quality and affordable office furniture. Over the past 10 years, since our inception, we were focused in delivering State of the Art office furniture that we imported from overseas to meet the demand of local Mauritian Companies.

By importing from only the best suppliers, we ensured that our quality was excellent and we have thus raised the bar to create a new standard in Office Furniture that no other companies could rival with. Mix this with our well-trained and equipped staffs, you get the perfect combination for a well structured and satisfying buying experience.

When you go for our products, you are investing in

  • Quality of Furniture - Laska Mauritius


    Rest assured that we only supply the best out of the best. Our quality control check is very rigorous and complete. From raw material to the finished product, we aim to excel in quality.

  • Quality of Furniture - Laska Office Furniture Mauritius


    Our furniture are durable. That is a fact. Our furniture are resistant to daily wear and tear and will still look perfect years into usage. Your kids will still be using them.

  • Speed of Production - Laska Office Furniture Mauritius


    Because we manufacture everything from scratch in our own factory, we can guarantee an extremely quick turnover and delivery of our products. No more waiting forever to furnish your premises.

  • Quality of Office Furniture Mauritius - Laska Furniture Mauritius


    Should there be any issues (very improbable), we will be here to assist you. Just like what we have been doing for the past 10 years. It is our aim to never disappoint any of our clients.

5000+ Clients chose to invest in our products. They cannot be all wrong.


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