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Laska Furniture Industry LTD - Mauritius

From our humble beginning ,we specialized in providing wooden panel-based furniture that makes it very quick for installation and easy for transportation. This system also created a pathway for innovative and creative designs whereby most of our furniture can be restructured or combined with other pieces to fit what the client demands. This pioneering system is what we called the Modular furniture allows for flexibility and optimization as we were aware that each and everyone of our clients are unique and required very specific furnishing details. With our modular based system for desktops, cabinets, drawers, filling drawers, mobile pedestal or even side returns, this proved to be extremely efficient since our customers could easily choose the best option which is adapted for their specific need. We also keep up to date with the latest furniture trends including their design and colors in order to make sure that what clients purchase from us is the latest on the market.

But we did not stop there. As of 2013, we have changed name to Laska Furniture Industries LTD. And with this change, we are now no longer bound to import the furniture to supply to the local market. We launched our own factory located in Port-Louis, and thus allows us to mass produce the furniture you have come to appreciate from us. This changes would mean that we can now provide a faster turnaround with a substantially more affordable package. With ground-breaking equipment at our disposal, we have added momentum to our process, we can easily produce over 300 sets of furniture a day. We also believe here at Laska Furniture that quality is paramount. We always go the extra length to make sure each furniture we produce is unique with a high quality precision cutting and finishing.

Machinery - Laska Furniture - Mauritius

We believe in exceeding expectations, we believe in making nothing short of perfect and we can proudly say that we have kept our promise. We took our vast experience from serving happy customers since a decade and combined it with today’s new market demand to give you what you require; Creativity and Innovation.

Our materials used are high quality wood imported from abroad, carefully selected and handled to ensure our trademark quality and combined with our decade of experience, believe us when we tell you that everything has changed, but only for the better.

At Laska Furniture, we believe in making only the best furniture and over 5000 customers cannot be wrong.