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    South African Developing Countries (SADC)

  • At Laska Furniture Industries Ltd, we believe in making our furniture only from the best material available. We only import the best quality raw material from reputable sources.

    At our factory, we process each furniture to make sure it has the best finishing before shipping it out.

    We have a local network where over thousands of happy customers can count on us for their furniture needs.

    But our vision does not stop here; we have set our goals to become a major exporter of furniture towards Africa, mainly the South African Countries.

    We have already exported to Madagascar and Reunion Island, many more to come.

    As part of the SADC community, we are looking to export abroad from Mauritius to the African countries that can benefit from us with duty-free prices on raw material or furniture with the same quality that we have been offering for the past decade. Taking advantage of this community, countries listed in the SADC community will be able to enjoy added benefits such as shorter time or delivery, more affordable package and faster output.

    If you are from one of the listed country of SADC and wishes to be part of this new experience and enjoy these benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, please also have a look at what we offer:

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