Introducing Laska Furniture Kitchen Essentials

The first of its kind, the Laska Kitchen Cabinet Counter Top.

After years of elaborate research and perfecting our crafts, we have decided to dive into a brand new market.

The kitchen furniture market.

Adapting from our existing and tested products, we are proud to introduce to you the stylish kitchen cabinet series.

Kitchen Cabinet Counter and Top

Laska Furniture - Kitchen Cabinet Counter Top

Featuring a modular design that makes it extremely versatile, our Kitchen Cabinet Range can easily adapt to your home / office space and your design.

Our Kitchen Essentials consists of Wall units as well as floor units which you can select to fit your needs.

Need more space, add a floor unit. Need extra storage? Add an extra wall unit.

Laska Furniture - Kitchen Cabinet Counter Top

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our team members who will gladly assist you and help you set up your brand new kitchen!